Hello and welcome to the website of the Leukêr Farm.

The Leukêr Farm is situated in Kermoguer, a small hamlet in the town of Plogastel-Saint-Germain (South Finistère).

The Farm has been a family property for generations. I grew up there with both my parents and grandparents. Indeed, they were farmers and raised Black and White Breton Cows.

They also larmed the land with the help of two draught horses. A bygone era !

The late 60s were a turning point in the farming methods. My father, like many others, invested in a tractor and brought the farm up to date.

The Friesian and Holstein cows came to replace the hardy Black & White Breton Pie Noire ones. Maize appeared and from then on things would no longer be the same. When my parents retired at the turn of the century I decided to buy the farm buldings and renovated the house to live in it.

I was a teacher then, a time-consuming job, so I was unaware of the ivy climbing up the walls and of the brambles thriving. Indeed the farm buildings were slowly dying out.

My partner and I then set about bringing that farm back to life in 2014. We first bought 2 Black and White Breton Cows, then 3 ewes from Belle-Ile. It marked the beginning of an enriching adventure and wonderful encounters. No more time for boredom ! We renovated, cleared the brushwood, treated the animals and farmed the land with the prospect of better eating habits, a wealthier life and finding our roots in a disturbing world.

Today I am ready to welcome the children and adults eager to discover our development towards more self-sufficiency and to spend some time with us in our most cherished farm.

Our first goal is to grow what we consume and to live closer to nature. At the Leukêr Farm you will have the opportunity to see local breed animals such as cows, ewes, hens and bees. In our orchard you will discover apple-trees with exotic names, such as Kermerrien, Germaine de Braspart, Marie Ménard. In our vegetable garden you will come across small pumpkins and forgotten vegetables.

Our farm is a private place and visits must be planned. Our hens run about freely, that is the reason why dogs are not allowed during the visits. Thank you for your comprehension.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon at the Leukêr Farm.

Marie-Christine Plouzennec